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March 25, 2015

Who should Bray Wyatt feud with next? Analyzing the superstars possible next three opponents

Ever since making his debut in the main roster in 2013, he has wrecked havoc and fear on the WWE alongside his “Wyatt Family” members Eric Rowan and Luke Harper. Recently though, Bray Wyatt has been floating around the mid card almost forgotten about in some cases until he cuts a promo. As cunning and deceiving he can be when he speaks, his performance has become stagnant lately as he has yet to win a feud since battling with Dean Ambrose.

Misused? Maybe nut Bray still has a lot to offer to the WWE as it moves forward in the future and it’s never too late to make him relevant and as dominating as he was when he first entered back in the summer of 2013. Roman Reigns looks like the handpicked babyface of the future in the company, that is subtly backed being the last image on Monday Night Raws opening program intro, Bray Wyatt is the last image on the Smackdown program intro.  

I will take a look at the three best possible opponents for the Eater of World that can help him solidify his place as the new face of fear like he claims to be:

3. Luke Harper

Ever since splitting with the Wyatt family in the early part of last winter all three member of the family have seemingly gone down in stock. Eric Rowan is a glorified enhancement talent, while Luke Harper is in quite a better place by having the Intercontinental Championship put on him, and Bray Wyatt has been booked strong but failed to gain meaningful wins.

The inevitable split we all knew the Wyatt’s would endure came without real back story or meaning. Traditionally in WWE history a faction is split due to budding tension in the group amongst members, in the Wyatt Family’s case there was no inside feud or foreshadowing of a turn from either member; Bray Wyatt just simply let Harper and Rowan ‘free’. Rowan and Harper are really good in ring workers who play their role well but Rowan is the forgotten member of the family. He has been used to put both Harper and Wyatt over in less-than meaningful bouts recently.

Harper however seems to have more direction and purpose in WWE right now since he is involved in an IC title feud on and off and is booked to be a strong heel who takes losses here and there but not looking half as weak as his former counterpart Rowan. Have WWE re introduce the Wyatt split up and have Harper address his bitterness toward his former leader or even have Wyatt show displeasure in his former students success since letting go which can start a special feud and give meaning to a story that WWE has yet to give closure on.

2. Triple H

This one would be hard to imagine considering Wyatt is supposed to be a major heel as is Triple H. We all know that Triple H loves the business and will do whatever it takes for him to personally elevate a younger talent like he did with Daniel Bryan and The Shield. This past Monday, Bray Wyatt continued his cryptic promo’s directed at who knows, but it he insisted that he wants to take away “everything you love, and live for.”

Once again, this is more of a far fetched idea because both men are heels and it wouldn’t make too much sense for Bray to turn baby face, but the way he talks about ruining “everything you love, worked for your whole life” I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of him directing that toward the biggest boss in the game. We all saw how protective and passionate Triple H was of his business, and his family during a feud with Sting when Hunter felt threatened from the outsider. 

With both men excellent on the mic and both men who carried 90% of their respective feuds (being the only ones that show up every week) leading to Wrestlemania, this could be special.

1. Roman Reigns

Why not have the babyface of the future enter a program with the heel of the future. We all know Reigns is an excellent athlete and as green as he may be he is a splendid in ring worker just as well. Although he has shown major improvements he still needs polishing on his promo work and what better way to elevate him in that department by putting him with the best talker in the business Wyatt? WWE has the idea that pitting Reigns against the Big Show is going to make the on the fence people care more about Reigns when they simply don’t even fully care about Big Show anymore. This isn't 1998, no one is scared or threatened by Big Show anymore, he has been used like this too many times in his career to care about. Reigns is still relevant by feuding with the Authority and rightfully feuding with Rollins on the side.

I feel in my heart WWE isn't going to put Reigns in a title match until they are 100% sure he is going to walk out with the gold, Seth Rollins is currently in a feud with Randy Orton and it seems too soon to jump back to Reigns wanting retribution. Have Bray Wyatt come out and ruin the match for Roman Reigns with Big Show and continue to play mind games on him, mocking him of his fall from stardom and talk about losing his followers. Have Wyatt try to get Reigns to join him like he did Cena and Bryan last year. It would force Reigns to step up and make the best out of his microphone time, also would cause for some great in ring storytelling from both wrestlers

Any ideas on who you’d like to see The Eater of Worlds butt heads with next? 

Austin Montgomery

WWE CXN Writer

Reach out to me on twitter @austeeeeezy

Predicting  possible heel/face turns at Wrestlemania

This Sunday marks the 31st anniversary of the annual entertainment grandeur that is Wrestlemania, and during its 30 years of existence there have been plenty of superstars that used the stage as a point to turn their character by either selling out to higher authority or capping off a long hard-fought climb to the top.

The unthinkable Stone Cold heel turn at Wrestlemania 17, or even Mike Tyson turning on Degeneration X at WM 14 were all monumental in terms of how the business is established today. Wrestlemania is always a good event to start stirring the pot in terms of where the creative direction will be headed the year following, and with WWE sure looking to make a bang this year let’s take a look at some likely heel/face turns this Sunday.




Had you told me this past summer that Dean Ambrose would be in a mid card feud with 3 legitimate contenders and 3 sideshow acts for the Intercontinental Championship, I would have called you crazy. Ambrose was involved in the hottest feud of 2014 with former Shield brethren Seth Rollins. The former helped to keep viewers interested week after week in midst of Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan being out of action due to injury. Ever since the final showdown of that fantastic rivalry ended in very weird fashion (Ambrose being distracted by Sister Abigail hologram) and has been stuck in creative purgatory ever since.

Ambrose however can change the whole game here, it’s hard to predict a turn in a 7 man no disqualification match, but a dirty tactic leading to a win or an ambush out of bitterness to the victor can help seal a much needed Ambrose turn.

 It’s not that Ambrose is a bad face, he is so much more effective as a heel. With Ambrose having the wildcard, Joker persona it would be easier to work around when having him engage in future feuds with good guys. Book Ambrose to be the Jon Moxly character he was at FCW; the leather jacket, the swagger in his step, the hand motions is all key in his character. Have him get over on a babyface by exhausting all of his crazy antics before finally being outsmarted by the good guy in the end, which would make the pay off more interesting.

Damien Mizdow


The growing tension between The Miz and his former stunt double turned personal agent Damien Mizdow reached it boiling point last week on Smackdown. In a match with Ryback that The Miz lost, he took his frustrations out on his assistant hitting him with the Skull Crushing Finale. It’s no secret that this tandem is finally at the end of its road and with a match like the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal that’s full of spotlight segments, would be no surprise to finally see Mizdow let all of his frustrations out on The Miz and eliminate him. Not only would this set up a entertaining program between the two workers, it would be a perfect swerve (predictable for what it’s worth) in going in a new direction with the two.

Roman Reigns


WWE creative have tried their hardest with trying to force (for lack of a better term) Roman Reigns to be genuinely liked. Although most of the WWE universe was bitter over Reigns Royal Rumble victory, they seemed to have tried to give him a chance after the former pinned Daniel Bryan cleanly at Fast Lane. Since then he has lost all momentum and that’s not to Reigns fault what so ever, he’s trying to make the best out of what he is told to do and unfortunately lost interest of the fans. Although WWE has booked Reigns to not try to crack corny jokes and be straight forward with his promos, the lack of pure fire, adversity and confrontation has watered his feud with Lesnar down quite significantly.

A good ol’ fashioned Paul Heyman betrayal on Lesnar could completely help Reigns credibility. Paul Heyman is known for leaving his clients for much bigger, better things in the past so I wouldn’t put it past him that he sees the future in Roman Reigns eye and helps destroy Lesnar in favor of the ladder. Reigns is not a talker, he is a handsome powerhouse and Heyman is the perfect man to talk up his athleticism, family bloodlines and sheer force. What’s so bad about having Reigns just stand there and look pretty while Heyman dares someone to try and cross him? 

Austin Montgomery

CXN Freelance Writer